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Lyrics of Bache Man Ke Sache

Bache Man Ke Sache

Movie : Do Kaliyan
Roman English :
bachche man ke sachche saarii jag ke aa.Nkh ke taare ye vo nanhe phuul hai.n jo bhagavaan ko lagate pyaare khud ruuThe, khud man jaaye, phir hamajolii ban jaaye jhaga.Daa jisake saath kare.n, agale hii pal phir baat kare.n inakii kisii se bair nahii.n, inake liye koii Gair nahii.n inakaa bholaapan milataa hai, sabako baa.Nh pasaare bachche man ke sachche ... insasaan jab tak bachchaa hai, tab tak samajh kaa kachchaa hai jyo.n jyo.n usakii umar ba.Dhe, man par jhuuTh ka mail cha.Dhe krodh ba.Dhe, nafarat ghere, laalach kii aadat ghere bachapan in paapo.n se haTakar apanii umar guzaare bachche man ke sachche ... tan komal man sundar hai.n bachche ba.Do.n se behatar iname.n chhuut aur chhaat nahii.n, jhuuThii jaat aur paat nahii.n bhaashhaa kii taqaraar nahii.n, mazahab kii diivaar nahii.n inakii nazaro.n me.n ek hai.n, mandir masjid gurudvaare bachche man ke sachche ...

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