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Lyrics of Nani Teri Morni Ko

Nani Teri Morni Ko

Movie : Masoom - 1982
Year : Dec, 1960
Lyrics by : SHAILENDRA

Roman English :
(naanii terii moranii ko mor le gae baakii jo bachaa thaa kaale chor le gae ) - 2 (khaake piike moTe hoke, chor baiThe rel me.n choro.n vaalaa Dibbaa kaT kar, pahu.Nchaa siidhe jel me.n ) - 2 naanii terii moranii ko ... (un choro.n kii khuub khabar lii, moTe thaanedaar ne moro.n ko bhii khuub nachaayaa, ja.ngal kii sarakaar ne ) - 2 naanii terii moranii ko ... (achchhii naanii pyaarii naanii, ruusaa-ruusii chho.D de jal_dii se ek paisaa de de, tuu ka.njuusii chho.D de ) - 2 naanii terii moranii ko ...

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